USA is the most sought after destination for Indian students for their further education abroad. Once the process of securing an i20 from the selected institute is over, the real challenge of successfully getting a visa begins.

A US student visa be it F1 or M1 or dependents as F2 or M2, is all about the visa interview. The visa interview typically lasts between a minute to 5 minutes depending upon the visa officer and it is also up to the visa officer to ask any number of questions they wish to do so. During this limited time, the onus is on the student to present his/her case to the assessing visa officer with clarity, confidence and conviction.

With the experience we have gained working within the embassy, we know the visa officer, whilst in the process of assessing the case, primarily considers if the student can satisfy these three main factors:
  1. Has the ability to follow the course.
  2. Has the ability to pay for the course.
  3. Has the intention to return to India / leave the US on completion of the course.

In doing so, the visa officer would ask question such as (to list a few):

  • Why have you chosen to study in the US?
  • Why have you chosen this course / university?
  • Why not study in India?
  • What do you plan on doing on completion of course?
  • How is this course going to assist you in your future plans? Etc

Your success is not only based on ‘WHAT YOU SAY’ but more importantly, ‘HOW YOU SAY IT’
At VCS, we specialize in the USA student visa process. Our consultation services would include:
  • Completing your online profile
  • Online application form.
  • Document / setting up profile for visa fee payment
  • Confirming OFC and visa interview appointments.
  • Financial profiling and assessment to cover funds required for the student visa.
  • Drafts of sponsorship letters and declarations (if required)
  • Collating all documents for case presentation.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, INTERVIEW PREPARATION – This is to ensure the planning and preparation is done prior to the interview so at the interview, you do not think about what you need to say. You concentrate on how you have to say what you have practiced and prepared.

The interview preparation would include:
  • Analyse all potential questions as per the students profile / background.
  • Strategize and plan answers to all potential questions to suit the students speaking style and personality.
  • Fine tune verbal delivery of answers so as to maintain a flow and connectivity.
  • Plan tasks and different exercises to improve clarity in delivery.
  • Conduct various mock interview sessions to prepare the student and help them gain the required experience and confidence.

We offer services and interview preparation to students / student dependents all over the country and have the required processes and systems in place to thoroughly prepare you for your student visa interview.

We also specialize in re-application of previously refused cases. We will analyse your past refusal/interview and with that assessment, use our knowledge and experience to help you be successful in your next application.

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