Almost everyone, on being denied a visa, next seek professional help to understand the reasons for that refusal. Seeing our past work experience, reviews and referrals, a large majority of the work we do today is to assist such clients with a re-application of their case.

Having worked with the embassy for over 15 years, we utilise our knowledge and experience to understand the causes of refusal by:

  • Understanding your purpose of travel
  • Your case profile
  • Financial profile
  • Past history and circumstances
  • Assessment on the documents submitted
  • Past interview analysis (if so)

In doing so, the visa officer would ask questions such as (to list a few):

  • Why have you chosen to study in the US?
  • Why have you chosen this course / university?
  • Why not study in India?
  • What do you plan on doing on completion of course?
  • How is this course going to assist you in your future plans? Etc

Based on our case study, to re-submit your case we identify and correct:

  • Parts of the case profile not adequately represented
  • Lack of clarity in documentation
  • Incorrect format of documentation
  • Incomplete financial profiling
  • Document connectivity and case flow
  • Strong and effective covering letters and supporting statements
  • Application forms accurately completed
  • Overall final case presentation
  • Interview preparation to deliver your answers with clarity and confidence.

Through our consultation we would ensure your case is as strong as it can possibly be and anything and everything that forms part of your case profile and aids your purpose of travel is completely represented. For the US, we will analyse your past interview and thoroughly prepare you for the next visa interview wherein you will be fully prepared for any question the officer may ask you. You will have clarity in thought and perfection in delivery of your answers so as to do your absolute best in presenting your case.

So, if there is a need to travel and/or a dissatisfaction with the last negative outcome on your case, do not fear or stress over the past refusal or the outcome of your next case.

As always, the eventual decision on your visa application lies with the visa officer at the embassy. However, with all our experience, knowledge of what the visa officer wishes to see or hear and understanding of how the law is implemented, it is our responsibility to prepare you and your case file in a way that would strongly influence the visa officer towards a positive decision.

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