Year on year, Canada continues to remain one of the most sought after destinations for higher education amongst Indian students. Whilst securing admission to one of its top universities requires excellent past academics, high level of competence in the English language, a certain level of available financial resources etc, once done, the harder process of securing a visa begins. We do not assist in admissions but specialize in the visa process.

The study permit is issued to a student when they arrive in Canada but to begin with, they need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa from India. We at would assist you with the entire application process for a Temporary Resident Visa and also dependents of a student in Canada that includes:

  • Creating your online profile
  • Scheduling your appointment for case submission at VFS
  • Completing all application forms and other official forms.
  • Personalised profile and case assessment to understand your case profile and background.
  • Financial analysis - determining funds in support of your visa application is the most important components of the case. We would provide a detailed financial assessment on the applicant / sponsor and accordingly advice on what financial documents can be a part of the case and how it is to be presented.
  • Advice on all the other required documents in support of application and the format in which they would be required including those form a sponsor.
  • Drafts of sponsorship declarations / letter of support from sponsors
  • Covering letter from the applicant.
  • Preparing final case file that is to be submitted to the embassy for assessment.
  • Assistance with payment of visa fee online.

We also specialize in re-application of previously refused Canada Student visa cases. We will analyse your past case file and refusal notice and with that assessment, use our knowledge and experience to build your next application to make it as complete and strong as possible.

We offer consultancy services to clients all over the country and have the required processes and systems in place to thoroughly prepare your case file.

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