Austria Visa

Austria is a beautiful country where you can find a lot of fun and other leisure activities. You can go skiing in the Alps, you can go to Vienna and listen to a classical music concert, or you can visit the palaces of old royal families, like Salzburg Castle. In the summer, the rolling hills and alpine valleys not only offer beautiful views, but become playgrounds for paragliding, rafting, and a whole host of adventure sports. In the winter months, Austria is one of Europe’s favorite snowboarding and skiing destinations.

Should you wish to travel to Austria for leisure/tourism, visit family or friends, business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trainings or a short term educational program, we at have the knowledge, experience and understanding to guide you through the complex process of how your case would be assessed and how the law would be applied.

We offer consultancy services for

Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Family Visit Visa
Short Term Study / Training / Internship Visa

Our personalized consultation service would include:

  • Creating your online profile
  • Completing all necessary online / visa application forms
  • Scheduling your appointment for case submission
  • Profile / case assessment
  • Financial assessment (this is the most important aspect of your case)
  • Advise on all the document that make up your case profile that best represent your purpose of travel.
  • Advise on all sponsorship related documents and the required format of documents.
  • Provide you with drafts of a sponsorship letter, business invite letter, company supporting letter, NOC, letter of support from parents etc.
  • Prepare your case covering letter with all the required information and the relevant travel itinerary.
  • Assist you with dummy flight and hotel reservations (charges apply) in support of your visa application.
  • Assist in procuring the required travel / medical insurance for your travel (charges apply)
  • Prepare your FINAL case file with quality case presentation for you to submit for your visa.
  • If you are called for a personal interview at the embassy, we will assist you with complete and thorough interview preparation including multiple mock interview sessions.

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