Any Indian passport holder wishing to travel to Australia needs to apply for a subclass 600 visa be it for holidays/tourism, business activities or meeting family and friends. will assist you with the entire subclass 600 visa application process.

We will apply our knowledge and experience gained working inside embassies for over 15 years to ensure your case file is as complete as it can be. We will understand your requirements and offer you personalised and individual advice to ensure your submitted case fully represents your profile and meets all the rules and regulations under the subclass 600 visa category.

Our consultation services would include

  • Completing all application forms and other official forms.
  • Personalised profile and case assessment to understand case profile and background.
  • Financial analysis - determining funds in support of your visa application is one of the most important components of the case. It is not based on the balances available in the account. Rather, the composition of the financial profile of the applicants and the source of income.
  • Advice on all required documents in support of application and the format in which they would be required.
  • Advice on documents required from sponsor/family member / friend in Australia.
  • Drafts of sponsorship declarations / letter from sponsor in Australia.
  • Drafts of sponsorship letter from inviting company in Australia (for Business visa).
  • Draft of supporting letter from Indian company (for Business visa).
  • Covering letter from the applicant.
  • Assistance with any travel bookings and/or travel insurance (if required).
  • Assistance with submission of case file (online) or hand over of final case file for personal submission.
  • Create online profile and guidance with payment of visa fee online.

We offer consultancy services to clients all over the country and have the required processes and systems in place to thoroughly prepare your case file. With the visa process being online, we no longer face any challenges in movement of physical documents and passports.

We also specialize in re-application of previously refused Australia subclass 600 visa cases. We will analyse your previously submitted case file and points mentioned in the refusal notice and with that assessment, use our knowledge and experience to build your next application to make it as complete and strong as possible.

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